I was born and raised as a Dutchman, on the othe
Matt damon
r side of the Channel. There i lived with my sister, my dad, and my mom like a happy family. I was born as a halfblood, with my father being a Muggle and my mother being a witch, and it sure was nice and cozy. My trip through Hogwarts sure was awesome though. Being a Beater on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team rocked my socks, and let's not start with being a Prefect!

I like books, Muggle papers and anything that revolves tea or lots of bright colours. I'm also very fond of long walks on the beach and forests, not to mention a fresh batch of flowers would certainly make my day.


Important Stuff

Position: Divinations Professor

Age: 20

Location: The Netherlands

Positions held on Lumos Alliance

Prefect (Ravenclaw)

Astronomy Professor

Divinations Professor


Thomas is your average village fool; making up consipracies or having the most insane ideas off all time sometimes. They might just work, but they are so insane that nobody(except himself) would believe them.

Other then that, he has issues with being an " average guy, in an average world", since no-one seem to remember him, even if he spoke to the same person a few minutes earlier. After all, Thomas is, and will never be a normal wizard(unless cannibalism is normal these days), and blending too well in normal society is not exactly what he was meant to be doing.

His calmness is quite extraordinary though, which Thom inherited from his father, a Muggle surgeon. He doesn't throw fits whenever stuff doesn't go his way, he doesn't go on a rampage when someone hurts him; Thomas just stays calm and tries to find a solution, no matter what. In duels it's a different story though.

He also sees to be quite protective of the ones that he loves, although to a certain extent. So if that person does something that even Thomas doesn't approve, he gets to be abandoned in the blink of an eye.