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Slytherin is one of the four Houses on Lumos Alliance.

Its members are known to have such traits as ambition, determination, shrewdness, traditionalism, certain disregard to rules, self-preservation, resourcefulness and leadership qualities.

The House colors are green and silver, and its symbol is snake.

Slytherin House Staff

Head of House: Brynlee Silversmit

History of Magic Professor: Kasia Lisette

Quidditch/Flying Professor: Florence Dingleby

Transfigurations Professor: Lumina Brier

Divinations Professor: Vanity Villiers

Quidditch Captain: Geordy Stavins

Female Prefect: Elizabeth McLaggan

Male Prefect: Thomas Lynch

House Ghost: The Bloody Baron

Slytherin Alumni

Head of House

  • Rowan Redwynne
  • Sebastian Winstra
  • Tiffany Maddocks
  • Kelsey Heap
  • Kara Ous
  • Tristan Buchanan
  • Breckin Gilchrist
  • Simon de la Croix
  • Keith Summers
  • Brynlee Silversmit