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I was born in Ireland but soon moved with my family to live in London. At the age of 11, like any other young wizard, I received an owl of my acceptance into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During my school career, I excelled in Ancient Runes, Potion Making, and Defense Against the Dark Arts - achieving an O on all three NEWTS. After Leaving Hogwarts, I travelled around the world before returning back to the United Kingdom. When I found out about the opening for the position of Ancient Runes professor, I applied for the job. Luckily I got the professorship position and returned to my beloved castle. Over my years as a professor, I was offered the position of Head of Slytherin, and later, Deputy Headmaster. These changes also occurred as the Hogwarts administration changed a few professors around and I landed with potions professor. However, due to a busy schedule as Deputy Headmaster and Head of House, I had no choice but to give up teaching and take more administrative duties around the castle.


Important Stuff

Position: Deputy Headmaster, Potions Master.

Site Duties: Site administration, Head Programmer

Age: 23

Location: United States

Email: admin(at)lumosalliance(dot)net

Positions held on Lumos Alliance

Head of House (Slytherin)

Head Scripter

Ancient Runes Professor

Potions Master

Deputy Headmaster