Matthieu Nage, current Potions Master of Hogwarts, wouldn't call himself a particularly interesting person, but he likes to believe that he's left his mark on the house of Hufflepuff nonetheless.

The Hogwarts YearsEdit

First YearEdit

Matthieu arrived at the school of Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff, much to his dismay. He had hoped to be a Ravenclaw, as he had always loved studying the world of magic. 


  • Term 12: Jester award in the Renaissance Faire
  • Term 12: Quidditch/Flying departmental award
  • RPotM Winner - July 2012: Two Introverts Plus a Faire Full of Extroverts
  • Term 12 Hufflepuff Awards: Best Role-Player and Favorite Firstie awards
  • Term 12: Highest Points earner for Hufflepuff
  • Term 12: Top 10 Bonus Point earners
  • Term 12: SBP (Squad of Badger Pride) MVP
  • Term 13: Made Hufflepuff Quidditch Team as a Chaser
  • Term 13: Became Hufflepuff Prefect
  • Term 13: Divination and Transfiguration departmental awards
  • Term 13: Highest Point earner for Hufflepuff
  • Term 13: Top 10 Bonus Point earners
  • RPotM Second Runner Up - February 2013: Smile Because We're Friends
  • Term 14: Highest Points earner for Hufflepuff
  • Term 14: Third place bonus point earner
  • Term 14: Care of Magical Creatures departmental award
  • Term 14: Became Potions Master