I can’t recall my birth but I like to think it was an event to remember. Surely someone popped some champagne, someone else hired a band, and then Harrison Ford descended from the heavens to name me the chosen one. But as I've been told, time and time again, this is not what happened. It wasn’t anything special, my birth. The gods didn’t rejoice, the earth kept turning, and there were no significant events, aside from my birth, to mark the day. I was born in the states, Deadwood Oregon, to be exact. I'm told my biological parents were high school sophomores who couldn’t control their hormones. Through a random/weird/eerily magical series of events that, I feel I have to add, were completely blameless of the people involved, I came to live in an orphanage in London. Muggle life was... unremarkable so I shall refrain from remarking on it. Hogwarts was something entirely different however. I was adopted by the then Muggle Studies Professor, Silvanus Bevan, and his partner/Transfiguration Professor, Arwen Claythorn. I joined the Quidditch team, eventually made Captain and then became Head Girl in my last year. I then went off to a University for some time before coming back and applying for COMC Professor. After only a year at teaching I decided I disliked children, especially the pimply-whiny-going through puberty kind that seemed to be in abundance at Hogwarts, and joined the ranks of RCOMC at the Ministry of Magic. After a two-year stint living in the wilderness and studying Dragons I came back to Hogwarts.

Shit went down, things happened, people died, war broke out, and life got hard. After which I decided a life of crime and general lawlessness was the way to go for me. To put it as delicately as possible I became a violent, ill-tempered, retrieval specialist with some deep rooted family issues and a penchant for punching those who cross me in the head. Which is probably what I’m most known for. Well, that and being the surviving daughter of the crazy Headmaster.


Important Stuff

Position: Thief

Age: 22 (August 17th)

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Postions held on Lumos Alliance


Quidditch Captain (Ravenclaw)

Head Girl

COMC Professor


Common Criminal