The staff of Lumos Alliance have changed a lot since the site first opened its doors in September of 2006. While the staff might have changed from those who first ran the site in its beginnings, the site has remained the same.

The staff currently consists of a handful of people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Current Teaching Staff

Headmistress: Lilliana Devane

Deputy Headmistress: Brynlee Zane

Heads of Houses

Slytherin: Elizabeth Devane

Ravenclaw: Brynlee Zane

Gryffindor: Finnigan Cross 

Hufflepuff: Gregory James


Elissa Galivare

Finnigan Cross

Gregory James

Simon Delacroix

Lana Van Sarkin

Graham Walker

Elizabeth Devane

Brynlee Zane

Kasia Lisette

Non-Teaching Staff


Minister of Magic: Alera Matthews

Deputy Minister of Magic: Alexander Blake


Isaac Emory

Matthieu Nage

Breckin Gilchrist

Ministry Staff

Jagger Zane

Silvanus Bevan

Esmond Summers  

Former Teaching Staff

Keith Summers

Kiara Fornax

Declan Kelly

Jack Flynn

Alera Matthews

Lumina Brier

Alexandria Calla

Anastasia Wilkins

Acuzio Balint


Ratheus Descarte

Alexei Nikoloz

Amyl Ous

Allison Graves

Alexander Cross

Anne De la Croix

Luke Cross

Jagger Zane

Evelyn Delaine

Janae Silversmit

Sky Astaire

Gwenevere Finnigan

Arwen Claythorn

Jia Li Tsai

Keith Summers

Thomas Lynch

Chase Sturbridge

Ministry of Magic

Silvanus Bevan

Lyric Silverwing

Esmond Summers

Jagger Zane