Jia Li Tsai

I was born in Yichang, South-Central China, before being sent to live in Ireland with my father and three half-brothers more or less immediately after I was born. My father worked for the Ministry, and his work caused him to travel around the world frequently, which is how he met my mother, on a business trip in China. When I left Hogwarts at 17, I went back to the country of my birth for six months, before coming back to the UK and promptly applying for the position of Ancient Runes Professor when I heard it was open. I like music, rare steak and wide open spaces.


Important Stuff

Position: Head of Hufflepuff, Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor

Age: 27

Location: Wexford, Ireland

Positions held at Lumos Alliance

Ancient Runes Professor

Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor

Head of House (Hufflepuff)