I don't exactly have what you'd call an interesting history. I'm a half-blood, magic being on my father's side, but for the most part I was brought up as a Muggle - the idea being that I'd be allowed to fit in through primary school. I still get along well enough with my parents...I'm an only child, for that matter. Hogwarts was quite the jarring experience but I've always been one to adjust quickly - I guess it shows since I'm here as a Prefect today. I'm not exactly outgoing but once you get talking to me I'm apparently pretty good company - if a little odd, but hey, isn't everyone?

In BriefEdit

  • Current age: 16
  • House: Hufflepuff
  • Positions: Prefect, TA to Keith Summers (Transfiguration)
  • Previous positions: TA to Silvanus Bevan (History of Magic) [late March '12]
  • Relationship status: crushing hard on Brynlee Baublit


  • Most Helpful (April 2012)
  • Excellence in Astronomy (April 2012)
  • RPotM...runner up 1? (Sept 2011, lost to the waves of time)