Hufflepuff is one of the four Houses on Lumos Alliance. Its students and graduates are known for having such personality traits as loyalty, patience, tolerance, dedication and hard work.

The House colors are yellow and black, and its symbol is Badger. The entrance to Hufflepuff Common Room can be found one floor below the main floor, which is called the basement. Often times the Hufflepuff Common Room is referred to as the Hufflepuff Basement. 

Hufflepuff House StaffEdit

Headmistress: Lumina Brier

Head of House: Alexandria Calla

Hogwarts Governor: Isaac Emory

Prefect: Hana Yukimura

Prefect: Julie Harman

Quidditch Captain: Elliot Isles

House Ghost: The Fat Friar

Hufflepuff AlumniEdit


  • Amyl Ous
  • Lumina Brier

Deputy HeadmasterEdit

  • Rayleen Obscurus
  • Amyl Ous
  • Markus Lyman Kay
  • Lumina Brier

Head of HouseEdit


Hogwarts GovernorsEdit