I was born into a full-blood family in Ireland, my mother had many affairs with other men while with my father so he decided on divorce, he took care of me for a while until the age of nine when his working hours in the Ministry had increased, that resulted in me getting sent off to my grandparents that lived in England. I've had no contact with my mother since the last time I saw her at the age of seven and there could be a possibly of having many half-siblings that I'm unaware of. I was accepted into Hogwarts and continued my education there until I graduated, but before I graduated I used to be the reserve on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and eventually got promoted to Chaser. Care of Magical Creatures had not been my favourite subject during my school years, but as I grew older and graduated I grew a liking to it and applied for professor as soon as the position was open. I have a great deal of tolerance but do not push my buttons, respect me and in return I'll respect you, if otherwise there will be consequences.


Important stuff

Position: Head of Ravenclaw, Care of Magical Creatures Professor, Graphic Design

Age: 23 (November 7)

Location: England

Positions held on Lumos Alliance

Care of Magical Creatures Professor

Herbology Professor

Head of House (Ravenclaw)