Gwenevere Finnigan

I was born in London, England. My father is a wizard and my mother is a Muggle. I lived with them until I graduated from Hogwarts. While at Hogwarts, I played Seeker on the Quidditch team, and was Quidditch Captain my last three years there. After graduating, I decided I loved Hogwarts too much to leave it. Divinations had always been one of my favorite subjects, so when the position to teach it became available, I immediately applied and was pleased to be accepted. I'm usually relaxed, easy-going, and friendly, but if you get on my bad side, all I've got to say to you is, beware the evil roses.


Important Stuff

Position: Quidditch/Flying Professor

Age: 23 (April 25th)

Location: London, England

Postions held on Lumos Alliance

Quidditch Captain (Hufflepuff)

Divinations Professor

Head of House (Hufflepuff)

Quidditch/Flying Professor