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I was born and raised in a small island in the Mediterranean and later moved to London with my father. It was a large convenience as the school I had been wanting to go to, partly because of its reputation, and mostly because it was the school my father had gone to, Hogwarts, would be closer to home.

At Hogwarts, Transfiguration was the lesson I grew to like the most which contributed to making the decision to apply for this job, which, to my delight, was accepted.

After a term of working on the staff, I was offered a job as Governor which I accepted. I now work as a Governor within the school along with Alexei.


Important Stuff

Position: Transfigurations Professor, Programmer

Age: 21

Location: England

Positions held on Lumos Alliance

Prefect (Gryffindor)

Head Boy

Ancient Runes Professor

Transfigurations Professor

Hogwarts Governor