Classes are Lumos Alliance are not complusory, but you do need to do them if you wish to apply to move up a year at the end of each term. To move up through the years, students have to do a percentage of the homework that is set by each Professor. It is up to the students to do this homework and they can do as much or as little as they wish.

Doing homework earns the student house points which contribute to the site's houses. But students can also earn bonus points. Bonus points are kept on a score board during the term and at the end of each term, whoever is in the top twenty earns an award.

Currently to move up from First Year to Second Year, you must have finished 20% of the homework. After that you need 30% to move up through the years. To move up two years, you must have completed 85% of the homework. 85% = 1st to 3rd, 2nd to 4th, and 3rd to 5th. Years after 5th year must be taken a term at a time.

Classes currently on offer at Lumos Alliance are:


Astronomy (As taught by Professor Graham Walker.)

Care of Magical Creatures (As taught by Professor Elizabeth Devane)

Charms (As taught by Professor Lana Van Sarkin)

Defense Against the Dark Arts (As taught by Professor Gregory James)

Foods (As taught by Brynlee Zane )

Herbology (As taught by Professor Lilliana Devane)

History of Magic (As taught by Professor Simon Delacroix)

Muggle Studies (As taught by Professor TBA)

Potions (As taught by Professor Finnigan Cross)

Quidditch/Flying (As taught by Professor Elissa Galivare)

Transfiguration (As taught by Professor Kasia Lisette)

Term dates:

January 1st – March 31st – School Term

April 1st – April 30th – Term Break

May 1st – July 31st – School Term

August 1st – August 30th – Term Break

September 1st – November 30th – School Term

December 1st – December 31st – Term Break