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I am originally from Russia where I spent my childhood in orphanages after being abandoned by my parents. I was later adopted by the Head Governor of Durmstrang Institute. Although my adopted father tried buying me everything I had been missing in my life (love and happiness), I remained scared from my years of being orphaned and a runaway. I graduated Durmstrang while remaining a shadow in the corner and just blending in. In order to try and break me from my shell, my adoptef father got me the job as Hogwarts Governor by pulling favors from friends. The office job was not working so I jumped at the chance to be the Governor assigned to stay at Hogwarts to maintain a presence there. Luckily I am once again able to hide in the shadows and just slide by in this large castle.


Important Stuff

Position: Hogwarts Governor

Age: 23

Location: United States